Welcome to the Dr. Ameet Oswal Cardiac Show. I’m Dr. Ameet Oswal, your host. Today, we’re going to talk about a topic that’s often overlooked in discussions about heart disease: inflammation.

Inflammation is a natural and important procedure that takes place in the frame in reaction to damage or contamination. It’s a crucial part of the immune system’s defense in opposition to harmful invaders. However, when inflammation becomes chronic, it could result in a number of fitness troubles, along with continual coronary heart disorder.

Chronic infection occurs when the immune system of the body continues to produce an inflammatory response, even when there is no visible risk. This may harm the arteries, causing fatty plaques to build up and raising the risk of coronary heart disease.

To analyze greater approximately inflammation and its effect on coronary heart health, music into our podcast. We’ll speak of the brand-new research on inflammation, which include heart disease and different chronic conditions. You’ll also hear from leading experts inside the field, with one of the best heart specialist in Bangalore and other healthcare experts who focus on coronary heart fitness. Whether you’re curious about  how inflammation affects your heart fitness or need to realize the way to reduce your heart disease, our podcast is a precious aid. Don’t pass over out – tune in now!

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