Welcome to the Dr. Ameet Oswal Cardiac Show, where we discuss heart health.  I’m Dr. Ameet Oswal, and in today’s episode, we’ll discuss The Genetics of Heart Disease: What You Need to Know

Did you know the genetics can play a giant role inside the development of heart ailment? While some genetic problems like familial hypercholesterolemia can enhance cholesterol levels and growth the risk of heart disease, other genetic versions can have an effect on coronary heart sickness-associated parameters like blood strain, infection, and lipid metabolism. It’s important to note that a way of lifestyle like smoking, bad diet, lack of exercise, and strain can also contribute to the development of coronary heart disorder. However, it is possible to reduce the risk of heart disease by managing these risk factors and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Make sure to listen to our podcast if you want more information on genetics and coronary heart disease. We’ll examine the most recent findings in the field and viewpoints from preeminent experts, including the Best cardiologist in Bangalore. Our podcast is a priceless beneficial resource if you’re interested in learning more about the  underlying coronary heart disease or need to know how to protect your cardiovascular fitness. Find out how genetics and heart disease are related, as well as what you can do to live a coronary heart-healthy life, by tuning in right away.

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