Infective endocarditis refers to the infection of the heart valves and the inner layer of the heart chamber, which is called the endocardium. This condition usually occurs when germs like bacteria and fungi spread from other parts of the body through blood circulation and attach themselves to the sensitive areas of the heart. This is a serious disease that can damage your heart valves. If it is not treated immediately, it can become a threat to your life.

Treatment is available for the condition caused by the endocarditis. In most cases, it can be treated through antibiotics while in some cases, surgery may be required.

There are many reasons for infective endocarditis, so it is not easy for a doctor to identify the exact source of endocarditis, but in most cases the organism is detected. However, individuals at higher risk of endocarditis generally have a damaged heart valve, history of mitral valve repair, artificial heart valve, or other heart diseases, diabetic, IV drug users, chronic kidney disease, cancer patients.

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