Smoking has long been related to a higher hazard of allergies and lung cancer. However, smoking also dramatically raises the hazard of coronary heart disease, which many humans are ignorant of. This is mainly for adolescent smokers who are women.

According to investigate, smoking is a huge risk aspect for coronary heart disease, especially in young women and is a vast hazard factor for coronary heart ailment, especially in younger women, according to investigate. In fact, a latest study indicated that smoking will increase the threat of heart attack in ladies among the ages of 18 and 49 through five times.

So why does smoking place young girls at higher risk for heart disorder? Smoking harms the liner of the blood vessels, making it easier for fatty deposits to acquire and impede the veins.

In conclusion, smoking significantly increases the risk of heart attack in young women. Research has consistently shown that smoking damages the blood vessels, leading to the accumulation of fatty deposits and an increased likelihood of heart disease. To address this risk and receive personalized guidance, it is important for young women to consult with a trusted cardiologist in Bangalore. While I cannot provide specific recommendations, conducting a thorough search for the best cardiologist in Bangalore based on qualifications, experience, and patient reviews can help you find the right healthcare professional to guide you in preventing heart disease and promoting heart health.

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