Hello and welcome to the Dr. Ameet Oswal Cardiac Show. I’m Dr. Ameet Oswal, your host. Today, we’re going to talk about how optimism can benefit your heart health.

Did you know that maintaining a positive mindset might really be good for your heart? We frequently hear about how stress has a detrimental impact on heart health. Studies have revealed that those with a positive outlook may be at a lower risk of heart disease and have better overall heart health, especially when faced with stress and adversity.

A high degree of optimism was associated with a 35% lower risk of heart disease than a more pessimistic view, according to one study. The chance of acquiring hypertension and other heart-related disorders may be decreased in people with higher optimism levels.

But how exactly does optimism improve heart health? Optimism, according to researchers, may help lower stress and inflammation, two factors that might worsen heart disease. People who have a positive mindset may also be more likely to practice good habits like exercising, eating well, and quitting smoking, according to our Best Heart Specialist in Bangalore. Tune into our Podcast!!

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